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Amcon Project Profiles

Geotechnical Engineering Case Studies

We are a geotechnical contractor that provides engineered solutions for soil and foundation problems using the latest ground improvement technology. Our clients include anyone who is affected by poor soil problems from engineers, contractors and real estate developers involved with new construction on poor land to the home owner or business owner whose foundation has settled due to poorly compacted fill.

Review our case studies for geotechical design and construction services for foundation support for new structures or existing structures, and slope stabilization for failed slopes.

Brighton Avenue Impact® Rammed Aggregate Piers

Description: Construction of a new residential duplex on Brighton Avenue in Halifax Nova Scotia which occupies 3,600 sq.ft of a

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Queen Street NSLC Impact® Rammed Aggregate Piers

  Description: Construction of a new Nova Scotia Liquor Commission Store on Queen Street in Halifax next to the existing

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Hall’s Landing Impact® Rammed Aggregate Piers

Description: Construction of a new 4 storey apartment building in Moncton, New Brunswick with one level of underground parking and

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Saint John YMCA Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers®

Description The new YMCA proposed for the city of Saint John, New Brunswick would consist of a 70,000 sq.ft. structure

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Mercer Cottage, West Berlin, NS

Description: The construction of a new one storey cottage near the beach in West Berlin, Nova Scotia required that it

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Touquoy Gold Mine, Moose River, NS

  Description: The Touquoy Gold Mine is located in the former village of Moose River Gold Mines approximately 70 minutes

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Halifax Shopping Centre Injection Bore (IBO) Micro-Pile System

IBO Micro-Pile System- Halifax Shopping Centre

THE PROBLEM The Halifax Shopping Centre wanted a new second level added at their Mumford Road entrance which required new

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Charlottetown Province House Excavation Shoring

Description: This project is comprised of a two year extensive restoration of Province House in Charlottetown. Subsurface Conditions: Subsurface conditions

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Maple, Halifax, NS

Description: The Maple is a 21 storey mix commercial and residential development with 3 levels of underground parking on the

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Cherry Lane Foundation Underpinning

  Description: This 3 story apartment building had undergone significant settlement over the years due to being founded on poor

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Dr. Georges-L-Dumont Hospital Centre Shoring

  Description: In the spring of 2015, construction began on the Dr. Georges-L-Dumont Hospital in Moncton, New Brunswick for the

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Geopier SRT™ System

Geopier SRT System

Reinforcing, Stabilizing, and Steepening Slopes using Plate Pile™ Elements Consider Geopier SRT™ system for: Steepening slopes up to 1:1 (45o)

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