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Geopier Impact® System Transcontinental Printing, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Geopier Impact® System Transcontinental Printing

Transcontinental Printing, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Transcontinental Printing wanted to construct a new loading dock at the Ragged Lake facility in Halifax but unfortunately the ideal location was underlaid with deep deposit of fill consisting of boulders, tree stumps and random fill.  The high costs to over-excavate and replace this material with structural fill prompted the owner to look for alternate solutions.


The Geopier Impact™ System proved to be an efficient and cost-effective Ground Improvement solution for the support of this structure using Rammed Aggregate Piers®.  A specially designed mandrel and tamper foot was driven into the ground using a strong static force augmented by dynamic vertical impact energy.  After driving to the design depth, the hollow mandrel served as a conduit for aggregate placement and compaction is achieved through static down force and dynamic vertical ramming energy imparted by the vibro-hammer.