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Halifax Shopping Centre Injection Bore (IBO) Micro-Pile System

Halifax Shopping Centre Injection Bore Micro-Pile System


The Halifax Shopping Centre wanted a new second level added at their Mumford Road entrance which required new columns inside the mall.  The column footings needed to be supported on piles which had to penetrate through 8 meters of fill and fractured slate bedrock in order to carry the load.  To further complicate the project, this work had to be done during the Christmas holidays when the mall was congested with people.


CTS/Titan IBO (Injection Bore) utilizes a hollow, continuously threaded, steel bar that is equipped with a disposable bit that can drill through any soil or rock (similar to a “self tapping screw”) while grout is simultaneously injected through the hollow bore to flush out drills spoils and consolidate the surrounding soil or rock.   This Ground Engineering Technology provided a solution to installing high capacity piles inside the mall using small equipment with minimum disruption to the public.