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House Foundations In Natuashish, Labrador Helical Foundation Systems

Labrador Helical Pier Foundation Systems

House Foundations, Natuashish


The Mushuau Innu First Nation located in Natuashish, Labrador have an ongoing need for good quality housing.   Historically, the poor soil conditions (loose sand) have dictated that these structures be founded on large concrete spread footings embedded deep below the level of frost.  The remoteness of the village, lack of resources and the short construction season have made this type of construction expensive and logistically challenging.


A Helical Foundation System was successfully used to provide an instant foundation for eight modular homes supported on steel foundations.  The helical piles were custom designed for the soil conditions and screwed into the soil with a small excavator equipped with a hydraulic torque motor.  The installation torque was constantly monitored throughout the installation and extensions were added until the helical piles were embedded into good load bearing soil.  The  Helical Foundation System proved to be a cost effective and expedient solution to provide a deep foundation for these homes despite the challenges.