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One Mile House Interchange, Saint John, NB Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers

One Mile House Interchange Rammed Aggregate Piers

Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers

Geopier Rammed Aggregate Piers


The One Mile House Interchange in Saint John, New Brunswick is the most expensive structure ever built in the province costing 74 million dollars and taking over 5 years to construct.  Portions of the structure traversed areas of very soft silt and clay up to 8 meters deep where settlements were predicted to exceed 1 meter and embankment slopes expected to fail during construction.


Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Piers proved to be the ideal ground improvement system for this application and required over 3,000 piers to support the structure.  This Intermediate Foundation System reduced settlements, increased bearing capacity, stabilized embankment slopes and was constructed using open graded stone to promote drainage and speed up consolidation which expedited the entire project.