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Nova Center, Halifax, Nova Scotia Soldier Pile And Lagging System

Nova Scotia Soldier Pile And Lagging System

Nova Center, Halifax, Soldier Pile And Lagging System


The Nova Centre will become Halifax’s newest convention centre and is the largest integrated development project undertaken in Nova Scotia’s history offering 1.2 million square feet of mixed-use space.  To facilitate the construction of the lower levels and the parking garage, the excavation needed to be over 25 meters deep and required an earth retention system.


The excavation shoring system consisted of a soldier pile and lagging system to retain up to 6.0 meters of overburden soils.  Soldier piles were installed along the perimeter of the excavation using a large foundation drill which augured through the overburden soils and into the bedrock to rock socket the piles.  Hardwood timber lagging was custom cut to fit between the flanges of the soldier piles and up to three rows of tie-back anchors were installed to provide lateral restraint.