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Nova Scotia Power – Elmsdale Substation Helical Foundation System

Elmsdale Substaion Helical Foundation System


Poor soil conditions and a low tolerance for footing settlement were the main reasons Nova Scotia Power Inc. opted to install piles to support the foundations of a recent expansion to the Elmsdale Substation, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.


A Helical Foundation System was the piling system of choice due to the low mobilization costs, speed of installation and economy.

The helical piles for this project were custom designed with sufficient helices and shaft size to support the foundation loads with adequate factors of safety against settlement.  The helical piles were screwed into the soil using a mid-sized excavator equipped with a hydraulic torque motor.  The installation torque was constantly monitored throughout the installation and extensions were added until the helical pile was embedded into good load bearing soil.

The Helical Foundation System proved to be a fast and economical piling system that provided proven technology to support the footings against settlement.