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Orangeville Walmart Underpinning Injection-Bore (IBO®) Micro-Pile System

Orangeville Walmart Underpinning Injection-Bore Micro-Pile System


Walmart Canada wanted to add a new addition to their Orangeville store but this would involve excavating very near the existing structure which could possibly undermine the foundations. To successfully underpin the structure would require the use of a piling system that could penetrate the very dense underlying soils and also incorporate a commercially available, load rated underpinning bracket.


A combination of two technologies was used for the underpinning system involving the Cased Injection-Bore Micro-Pile to drill into the dense soils and the Helical Pier Underpinning System to provide a load rated bracket to support the structure. The underpinning bracket was welded directly to the top of the micro-pile and stressed with hydraulic jack to support the foundation loads thus providing a truly unique underpining system.