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Geopier Rammed Aggregate® Piers

The Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Pier® System is an efficient and cost-effective Intermediate Foundation® solution for the support of settlement sensitive structures using a “replacement method”. Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements are constructed by drilling a cavity and ramming select crushed stone into the cavity in one foot lifts.

This process densifies the aggregate vertically and forces aggregate laterally into the cavity sidewalls resulting in soil improvement, excellent coupling with surrounding soils and reliable settlement control with superior strength and stiffness. This patented intermediate foundation solution supports shallow foundations and floor slabs; reduces liquefaction potential; and improves stability support of embankments, walls, and tank pads.

Some attributes of the Geopier® Rammed Aggregate Pier® System are:

  • Economical – 20% to 50% savings
  • No excavation or engineered fill
  • No structural slabs or grade beams
  • Minimal spoils to dispose
  • Suitable for clay or silty soils