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Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles walls are commonly installed for shallow excavations where the ease of driving a series of steel sheets using excavator mounted equipment provides for a very economical soil retention system.  Our excavator equipped with a specially fabricated dipper arm extension and a vibro-hammer has the ability to install steel sheet piles up to 7 meters long while maintaining a 2 meter ground clearance.

The vibro-hammer drives the sheet pile using high frequency vibrations that liquefies most granular soils. This vibrational force coupled with the down-crowd force applied by excavator boom coupled with weight of vibro-hammer and the pile is sufficient to drive most sheet piling into dense soils with N values up to 30 blows per foot. The vibro-hammer works equally well in reverse for pile extraction.

Advantages of sheet piles:

  • Low mobilization costs
  • Mobility of the equipment
  • Speed of installation