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SRT™ – Slope Reinforcement Technology

Geopier SRT™ Slope Reinforcement Technology is a cost effective way to stabilize shallow failing slopes or reinforce marginally stable slopes prior to failure. This patented system uses rigid Plate Pile™ elements (vertical steel reinforcements) to effectively pin the slope and increase the driving resistance to improve the factors of safety to design requirements with minimal environmental disturbance. This system is ideally suited to stabilize slopes where the soil conditions consisting of an upper shallow zone of weather, loose, soft or disturbed soil over a strong layer of soil.

The Geopier SRT™ system is installed by driving Plate Pile™ elements using small tracked excavators with a hydraulic hammer or vibratory hammer that are rapidly installed into a competent layer of soil. The Plate Pile elements are engineered into a staggered spacing based on slope grades and soil properties. These closely spaced Plate Pile™ elements form a barrier where the soil arches between the plates and limits down slope movement.

Some attributes of the Geopier SRT™ system are:

  • Speed of installation
  • Low mobilization costs
  • Minimally invasive operation