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Tie Back Anchors

Soil retention systems that require lateral support are normally tied back using either the Injection Bore (IBO®) Anchoring System or the Helical Pier Anchoring System depending on the soil conditions. Both systems are either installed into dense soil or solid rock until their desired capacity is achieved and terminated with a threaded termination which bolted to a double whaler system to support the soil retention system.

For rocky soils or even solid bedrock, we recommend using our Injection Bore (IBO®) Anchoring System. CTS/Titan IBO® System utilizes a hollow, continuously threaded, steel bar that is equipped with a disposable bit that can drill through any soil or rock (similar to a “self tapping screw”) while grout is simultaneously injected through the hollow bore to flush out drills spoils and consolidate the surrounding soil or rock.

Helical tieback anchors are ideally suited for homogeneous soils such as soft to stiff clay or loose to dense sand. These anchors consist of a central square shaft ranging in size from 1-1/2″ to 2-1/4″ square and are available in a wide variety of helical plate combinations depending on the soil conditions with capacities tested up to 300,000 lbs. CHANCE® helical piers are screwed into the soil and extensions are added until the desired capacity is achieved.