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Dr. Georges-L-Dumont Hospital Centre Shoring



In the spring of 2015, construction began on the Dr. Georges-L-Dumont Hospital in Moncton, New Brunswick for the 113, 870 sq.ft surgical suites addition. To facilitate the expansion of the hospital, the new foundations for the addition were to be below the foundation elevations of the existing portion of the hospital.  

Subsurface Conditions:

Subsurface conditions consisted of a stiff clay till up to 20 feet deep over sandstone.

AMCON Solution:

A combination of technologies were used to shore the existing foundations.  First the existing hospital foundation was stabilized by coring holes through the existing foundation wall and  installing helical tie-back anchors. The foundation was also underpinned, to pick up any vertical loads carried by the wall, using underpinning brackets mounted to Injection-Bore Micro-Piles embedded into the sandstone. Once digging began around the hospital foundation, shotcrete was then applied to prevent the caving of soils below the existing footing elevation. In total 100′ of the existing hospital was shored and/or underpinned at various locations.