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Geopier SRT™ System

Reinforcing, Stabilizing, and Steepening Slopes using Plate Pile™ Elements

Geopier SRT

Consider Geopier SRT™ system for:

  • Steepening slopes up to 1:1 (45o) inclination.
  • Repair of failed slopes and canal banks.
  • Slides up to 10-15 ft thick.
  • Stabilization of marginally stable slopes.
  • Reinforcing banks that are less than stable with concrete block mats or rip rap alone.

Using this method can often eliminate:

  • Slow and expensive earth moving.
  • Invasive construction activities.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Tie-backs.
  • Sheet piling.
  • Toe buttressing.

We Provide:

  • Engineered slope stability using simple, robust design methods, verified by fullscale testing and sophisticated numerical modeling.
  • Design and installation of Plate Pile™ elements (by teaming with licensed installer).
  • Fast, clean, dry installation – can be installed in wet weather.
  • Tie-down option for erosion mat / ACBM.
  • The environmental benefit of a minimally invasive operation.

Slope Stabilization Systems

Rapid, cost effective SRT™ installation with minimal site disturbance

SRT System

Suitable for tight work areas and sites with difficult access