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Residential Underpinning Helical Foundation System

Residential Underpinning  Chance Helical Foundation System
Residential Underpinning


This house foundation was constructed on a fill site that was poorly compacted and subsequently settled.  The settlement caused the  foundation walls to crack, jammed window and doors, disfigured the structure and greatly devalued the house.


A Helical Foundation System was successfully used to not only stabilize the foundation walls but to also raise them back into position.

The helical piles are custom designed with sufficient helices and shaft size to suport the foundation loads for the soil conditions.  The helical piles are screwed into the soil with small skid steer loader or mini-excavator equipped with a hydraulic torque motor.  The installation torque is constantly monitored throughout the installation and extensions are added until the helical pile is embedded into good load bearing soil.

A foundation underpinning bracket is installed directly under the foundation wall and a hydraulic jack transfers load to the helical pile to stabilize or raise the foundation back into position.

The  Helical Foundation System provided an economical underpinning system that not only structurally repaired the foundation but restored full value to the house.