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Driven Ductile Iron Pipe Pile

We are pleased to announce that as of May 2016, we became a “Regional Partner” of DuroTerra, Massachusetts, USA and “Licensed Installer” of the Driven Ductile Iron Pipe Pile in Atlantic Canada.

Ductile Iron Piles are simple, fast and highly effective modular driven pile systems utilizing high-strength ductile cast iron. Pile sections are connected by a proprietary Plug & Drive system, eliminating the need for welding and splicing while providing a high degree of stiffness. With the use of an excavator fitted with a hydraulic hammer, piles are installed in quick succession leading to fast and easy installation.

The DIP system is manufactured from ductile cast iron, which provides high-impact resistance, ultimate strength and high-elastic limit along with superior corrosion resistance, machinability and weldability when compared with traditional steel piles.

Ductile Iron Piles are well-suited for supporting loads in a variety of problematic soil conditions including both cohesive and non-cohesive soils and can also resist compression and tension loads.
We look forward to our new relationship with DuroTerra and together providing easy and economical Driven Pipe Pile Solutions in Atlantic Canada!

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