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Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Piles

For rocky soils or even solid bedrock, we recommend using our Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Pile SystemCTS/Titan IBO® System utilizes a hollow, continuously threaded, steel bar that is equipped with a disposable bit that can drill through any soil or rock (similar to a “self tapping screw”) while grout is simultaneously injected through the hollow bore to flush out drills spoils and consolidate the surrounding soil or rock.

This Ground Engineering is further enhanced by our AMCON Patented Casing System which provides a steel casing around the upper portion of the micro-pile to improve its lateral capacity and buckling resistance which is especially effective in very poor soils.

Some attributes of the Injection Bore Micro-Pile are:

  • This is a one-step process that is fast and economical which eliminates most of the steps associated with a traditional micro-pile installation involving drilling, casing and grouting separately
  • This system is installed using a rotary/percussion drill that will drill through just about any kind of soil conditions including boulders to solid bedrock and even reinforced concrete so it’s ideally suited for fill soils containing obstructions
  • The capacity of the pile is derived from its bond strength with the existing soils along its entire length providing adequate load carrying capacity even in the poorest soils
  • Works equally well in tension or compression because its capacity is derived from its bond strength depending on the soil conditions and the strength of steel
  • Can be installed in close proximity to existing structures and equipped with an underpinning bracket to support settling structures.