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Micro-Pile Systems

Micro-piles are high capacity, small diameter (<12”) piles ideally suited for new or existing foundations where access is difficult for conventional pile driving or where minimizing disturbance and avoiding damage to existing structures is of ultimate importance.

Typical applications for micro-piles include load augmentation where an increase in the capacity of the foundation is required due to a building addition or supporting newly added heavy equipment; structures that have settled and require leveling or support by underpinning; and supporting new structures in soil or environmental conditions that are not suitable for conventional pile driving equipment.

Some attributes of micro-piles are:

  • Installed with small equipment thus ideally suited for areas of limited access
  • Easily installed in confined areas such as inside buildings where noise, vibration and exhaust emissions are all of concern
  • Can be installed in a variety of soil conditions from very soft soils to fill soils containing boulders or even solid bedrock where traditional pile driving operations often fail

Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Piles

IBO Micro Pile SYstems

For rocky soils or even solid bedrock, we recommend using our Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Pile System. CTS/Titan IBO® System utilizes a

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Driven Ductile Iron Pipe Piles

The Driven Ductile Iron Pile is a driven pile system that uses high strength ductile cast iron pipe connected together

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