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Slope Stabilization Systems

Shallow landslide failures and chronic creep are common problems with existing slopes constructed on poor soil especially clay fill. Conventionally accepted repair and reinforcement methods often require massive excavation, slope reconstruction, retaining walls, or infilling with coarse stone, all of which are expensive, evasive and time consuming. Our slope repair technologies provide an in-situ method to reinforce, stabilize and steepen slopes that is rapid, economical and with minimal disruption or environmental disturbance.

SRT™ – Slope Reinforcement Technology

Geopier SRT System

Geopier SRT™ Slope Reinforcement Technology is a cost effective way to stabilize shallow failing slopes or reinforce marginally stable slopes

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Helical Soil Nails

Slope Stabilization Helical Soil Nails

Soil nail walls are another type of earth retention system. They can provide temporary or permanent stabilization of cuts and

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