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Underpinning Systems

Existing foundations constructed on poor soil or poorly compacted fill are prone to settlement causing structural cracks in the foundation; uneven floors; jammed windows and doors; and potentially structural failure, all of which greatly devalue the structure. We offer underpinning systems for both rocky soils to solid bedrock and homogeneous soils such as uniform clays and sands. These systems can be installed in very close proximity to the structure with minimum disruption and vibration.

Underpinning brackets are installed on the underside of the foundation and systematically stressed to provide support and/or jack the foundation back into its original position. Underpinning systems are also ideally suited to support foundations that are being undermined during an environmental cleanup or have the potentially of being undermined during the construction of a building addition.

Helical Piles

Helical Pile Underpinning System

Helical piles can be used in a variety of applications including compression, tension, new construction and underpinning. Helical piles are

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Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Piles

IBO Micro Pile SYstems

For rocky soils or even solid bedrock, we recommend using our Injection Bore (IBO®) Micro-Pile System. CTS/Titan IBO® System utilizes a

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